Peter McKay marries a human rights activist

Storified by Toronto Star

Peter MacKay gets hitched (where’s the helicopter? 

Twitter lit up with jokes after news broke that Conservative cabinet minister Peter Mackay married an Iranian-born human rights activist and former beauty queen, Nazanin Afshin-Jam.
  1. Peter MacKay has married his girlfriend in Mexico. Apparently, Mexico was the only country that would let that kind of thing happen.
  2. If Peter MacKay becomes a father, I’m guessing he’ll be one of those helicopter parents.
  3. Hope Peter MacKay’s wife decides to hyphenate: Nazanin Afshin-Jam MacKay. Might need a rescue helicopter to carry that handle…
  4. RT @adam_ramsay: Peter MacKay got hitched. Hope he got her to sign a prenup. You would just hate to lose your plane over a failed marriage.
  5. I hear Peter MacKay is having infant seats installed in all Cormorant Helicopters in preparation for when they start their family.
  6. RT @MMandryk: Peter MacKay just got married. So will the honeymoon be anywhere National Defence flies? #cdnpoli
  7. RT @pdmcleod: Even cynics must admit it’s beautiful that Peter MacKay got married in a basket being airlifted by a search and rescue helicopter.
  8. Want to go on a romantic helicopter ride with Peter MacKay? You might have missed your opportunity:
  9. @graciestyle Peter MacKay got married too. Wonder if he used a sea king afterwards to take him on his honeymoon. :p
  10. Peter MacKay weds former beauty queen I suppose that this means that he is finally over belinda
  11. RT @NPsteve: Of course Peter MacKay got married in Mexico. Typical Harper government outsourcing of our weddings.
  12. @VancouverSun photo gallery of Peter Mackay’s former flames. He’s dangerously close to Kardashian coverage
  13. RT @Mike_EH_52: MEOW! @CitizenWilliams: Anybody know where Peter MacKay and that Kardashian girl he married are registered?
  14. RT @GDgeek: First Justin Timberlake, now Peter MacKay?! #PlanD…
  15. Britain’s big wedding sees William and Kate get hitched. The best Canada can do is Peter MacKay? That’s uber-lame hosers.
  16. Is it just me or does the ‘Peter Mackay marrying Iranian Beauty Queen’ thing have a George Clooney political-thriller written all over it?
  17. Oh noes! Peter Mackay is off the market! Whatever will women do? Oh yeah, avoid canine-framed insults in the House. And the Wrath of Condi.


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