Free the K.I. 6


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PEOPLE before Profits!

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On March 18th, 2008 five community leaders, including Chief Donny Morris from Kitchenumahkoosib Inninuwug (KI) were jailed for six months for contempt of a court injunction which prohibits them from interfering with a mineral exploration program by Platinex Inc. The community is gravely concerned about the possible impact to their land and water where they have lived in the Boreal forest for over 5,000 years.

The Supreme Court of Canada recognizes that consultation with aboriginals must take place before drilling can start on their land. The Province of Ontario has failed all Ontarians by allowing the six leaders to be jailed and ignoring the consultation process.

The KI-6 prisoners must be freed immediately so that they may be seated at the consultation table beside their Treaty partner, the Government of Ontario, in discussion with Platinex or any companies wishing to conduct business on the land and/or in the water near aboriginal territory.

Please help free the KI-6 from prison, starting with the immediate release of the only woman and grandmother, Cecilia Begg, followed by the five men.

  • Read about the environmental impact at stake.
  • Read about the Human Rights issues.
  • Send this link to your friends and family.
  • And stop this grave injustice by writing to Premier McGuinty asking for their immediate and unconditional release so that proper discussion may begin at once.
  • Sign the Petition
  • E Mail Premier McGuinty



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