The Routes

* Dundas East(Bank of Montreal) – Dundas/Wellington, Dundas, Stafford, Clarke, Dundas to Houser’s Lane, Nellis, West, Dundas Young, Peel, to Wellington.
* Hospital(Church) – Wellington/Dundas, Givins, Hunter, Winnett, Ingersoll Ave., Riddell, Vincent, Wellington, Brant, Huron, Devonshire, Light, Vincent, Delatre, Oxford, Mill, Main, Ingersoll Rd., Dundas.
* Eastdale(Car Lot) – Wellington, Victoria, Walter, College Ave., Fyfe, Pavey, Kam, Alice, Maud, Anne, Norwich Ave., Dufferin, Maud, Isabel, Aileen,-Alice, Sunset, Lincoln, Bee, Parkinson, Longworth, Juliana, Norwich Ave., Salter, Odlum, Parkinson Rd., Fyfe, College, Wilson, Henry, Wellington, to Dundas.
* Northdale(Church) Wellington, Adelaide, York, Princess, Graham, Ingersoll Ave., Huron, Devonshire, Wellington, Fair, Glencairn, Huron, Leinster, Durham Cres., Leinster, Devonshire, Clarke, Sloane, Knightsbridge, Lancaster, Huron, Ingersoll Ave., Wellington, to Dundas.
* Southside(Car Lot) – Wellington, Simcoe, Finkle, Main, Mill, Park Row, Ingersoll Rd., Anderson, Sixth, Mill, Parkinson, Finkle to Complex, through Complex at Arena, St. Mary’s High School, to Juliana, Lindsay, Ferguson, Parkinson, Finkle, Spencer, Mill, Main, Finkle, Peel, to Wellington.
* Springbank (Church) Wellington, Dundas, Kent, Canterbury, Huron, Hughson, Warwick, Springbank, Sprucedale, Lansdowne, Mohawk, Ojibway, Springbank, Sloane, Cromwell, Berwick, Warwick, Hughson, Huron, Canterbury, Kent, Dundas.

Hours of Operation
Transit runs on a 30 minute service. Hours are:
6:30 am to 6:30 pm Monday to Friday
8:30 am to 6:30 pm Saturdays
Fare Structure


* $2.00 – cash
* $35.00 – City Hall & Canada Trust Han-D-Ride (22)
* $50.00 – City Hall Only Monthly Unlimited Pass

Student (with student card)

* $1.00 – cash
* $20.00 – City Hall & Canada Trust Han-D-Ride (22)
* $50.00 – City Hall Only Monthly Unlimited Pass

Children Under 5 years free
Bus Advertising

The Community Services Department rents signboard space on our buses, including Paratransit, to Businesses/Agencies.

For further information contact the Community Services Department at 539-2382, ext. 4102.


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