Jack Dunn Memorial Diamond

Jack Dunn Memorial Diamond a
First ball diamond in city named after one individual

Monday September 10, 2007

IN MEMORY: Councilor Jim Northcott and Joyce Dunn share a laugh at Friday’s dedication of the front complex ball diamond to the late Jack Dunn.

Photo By Elliot Ferguson

WOODSTOCK – Paul Dunn’s voice cracked with emotion as he spoke about his father’s feelings about Woodstock.
“My father loved this city, he loved each and every one of you,” he said Friday evening.
Paul Dunn was standing under a new sign dedicating one of the ball diamonds at the Woodstock District Community Complex to his late father Jack Dunn.
“My father would be truly grateful for this honour and more embarrassed than anyone.”
Jack Dunn was a city councilor for 18 years before his death in May 2006.

He was also a passionate softball player and organizer, spending 25 years as a catcher in the city’s industrial league and organizing union tournaments at a local regional and national level.
Councilor Sandra Talbot, whose political career started at the same time as Jack Dunn’s in the 1988 municipal election, called the dedication a “small tribute to a great man.”
“Jack was a very quiet man but he was always a gentleman,” she said. “Jack was very special.”
Woodstock Mayor Michael Harding said the dedication was a fitting tribute to a man he called a veteran politician, who concerned himself with the everyday concerns of his constituents.
“Jack leaves behind a special legacy,” Harding said. “Jack was always about the little guy.”
The dedication of the Community Complex’s front ball diamond to Jack Dunn was the first such action the city has taken, said Bob McFarland, director of community services.
No other ball diamonds in the city are named after individuals, he said.


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