Read This on a Blog Today. Very Funny !!

I Want Money!

I want money.
I don’t need it, just want it.
Will accept all kinds(pennies,hundred dollar bils,pesos,etc)
I have no skills nor desire to acquire any.
I have nothing to barter or sell.
Not willing to help you out around the house or help you move.
I am lazy and don’t want to work, but still enjoy the finer things in life.
If you have any laying around, or want to go get a second job and just send me the check, let me know.
You can send it to my pay pal account as soon as you set one up for me.
Otherwise you can deliver it to my home.
No, I will not come pick it up.
We can set up monthly payments if it is more convenient for me, or you can just give me a lump sum.


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